Wednesday, January 27, 2016

God's there, waiting....

Do you hear God speaking to you?
Do you hear His whispers as you go about your business?
Do you feel that nudge to open your bible?
Do you feel God pushing you to do something? 

There are many times, myself that I have been in these situations and failed to listen and do what the Lord wanted me to do. So what do you do when you are just too busy, have other plans or you're just too selfish to react to His words?  Just stop what you're doing. Listen. Separate yourself from the distractions of the world. Go in your prayer closet. Just pick up the bible. Just talk to the Lord. He ALWAYS listens. He IS waiting on you. Waiting for your first step. 

You just want everything to be taken care of. You want to be healed, you want peace, you want to succeed, you want out of debt, you want salvation for your family, you want a job or a new job, you want a relationship put back together or you're looking for love and you're just tired, emotionally, mentally and physically. Some of you just want to get up and leave. And sadly, some just want to give up. God doesn't want us to live a miserable life, Satan does! The enemy is hard at work on God's children and the unsaved too. It is time to put an end to the enemies schemes. You will NOT be defeated! 

The Lord has truly wanted me to share this with you and to those who needed to hear this. You are worth more than anything beyond your imagination to God. You are precious to Him.  He truly wants the best for you. He hurts for you. Jesus died for you. He has went through everything unimaginable for you. He loves you.

He's waiting for you.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Prayer, Obedience & Blessings

I'm sure quite most of you have heard the saying, "I'm going to start out with a bang"! For me, unknowingly, that quote has most certainly been me since the the first day of this new year of 2016. 

Let me begin by saying that obedience unleashes blessings. How wonderful is that?! When someone is praying for something to happen in their lives whether it be a personal issue, a physical need, etc, God will undoubtedly answer those prayers in his timing.  If you're anything like me, sometimes God has to literally throw something up in your face for you to realize it is Him trying to reveal something to you. And sometimes obedience is necessary in regards to what God is trying to show you. If you need to act on it or say something then you go DO IT! Do not let it pass you by. Because by obeying the Lord and acting upon it, you may just be answering one's prayers! I have learned this and that is a lot to be thankful for!   

Several months ago during a sermon at church, others including myself were called by God for a calling in the church. I knew God had something for me. After God revealed to my pastor about people in the church having a calling within, we all stepped up. When you know, you just know. There's no hesitation because you just do what God wants you to do. After that I was excited but just scared. I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. I just knew I needed to pray about it and ask God to show me. But that became hard for me. My prayers were dwindling after a while about this. I was praying about everything else going on in my life and not focusing my prayers about what I needed to be praying about. 

And you see, that is how the enemy works. He takes your focus off what is most important even though you may have other things going on. He knows you will still pray but he will shift your mind into the dark in order for you to forget about it. He most certainly did that to me a little while. He even used the spirit of offense on me. The enemy was using my mind as a tool to make me think people didn't care about what I had to say so I remained silent for a time. He also made me think that people were against me and clearly, nobody has ever done anything to me. I was so wrapped up with thinking that I was NOT good enough to do what I should be doing, although I still didn't know what 'IT' was. I was weak, but God is strong. 

As hard as it is for me to share this, I was jealous and I'm not that kind of person. Many times I even had to remind myself that I wasn't because I have the Lord with me and it would always help me. I finally started realizing what the enemies schemes were at this point. I was ready for the day to find out what God's plans were for me and defeat the enemy.

January 1st, I was in deep conversation with a close friend and she said something to me that I just knew it was God. It made me realize what I am good at and that I could use my talents and creativity for HCT Church of God. A stirring was within me and I was becoming ecstatic and tears of joy fell! In that moment, the chains of that evil spirit broke lose and I overcame it! Currently in tears, I can't thank God enough for what He has done! He opened my eyes spiritually, I obeyed and poured out my heart by testifying and He answered my pastor's prayer! And I'm very happy to say that I am helping as a servant, the HCT Church of God's webpage! I will be getting started on it soon! But until then, click on the link to learn more and get information about our church!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Currently feeling....

Timing is everything..

Never felt this way,
Seeing the red, green and gray.
Happy faces passing by,
Deep inside there's a cry.
Memories raging through,
Random bursts of blue.
Reminders of blessings,
Even the worn out dressings.
Clear days are ahead,
Long will be gone the dread.
Happiness comes from the inside,
Darkness will not abide.
The only one that matters,
My God,  bring a new chapter!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Poetry and Waiting

It has been brought to my attention, poetry may come natural for me. Oh and yes, it has been quite some time since I have been on here. I finished this poem in under 5 minutes.

Waiting for living and
holding your breath.
Waiting for victory and
guarding your self.
Waiting for success and
trying your best.
Waiting for adventure and
taking a step.
Waiting for compassion and
protecting your heart.
Waiting for choices and
making your decision.

Waiting is prison, bail yourself out.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Foolish pride?

I will be perfectly honest with myself, I have not done what I should have been doing for some time now. I am not very happy with myself and I have to do what God has called me to do. Time is not slowing down and it's time to take charge of the things that need to happen. Just as I said about 8 weeks ago, procrastination had really gotten the best of me and well it happened. But now is the time to step up and conquer it. I can't keep letting these feelings and excuses take over my life. I have became my own worst enemy. And I do not like it.

At this point, this blog is the most difficult one I am facing. Finding the right words to place on here has me at my wits end. Perfectionism, expectations, and not having the material things I 'want' to write, has my head hanging in my own prison. I could go on and on about the reasons why I am not writing but there's only 1 reason why I should be. Just maybe if I had more windows in my house, just maybe if I had that antique desk & chair I've been searching for, just maybe if I had my own little office, I'd be more productive and feel like I am getting somewhere. But I have to set my own selfish desires to the side. I can't do anything about that right now. I have to focus on God. I have to focus on my talents and 'actually' put it to use. Good use.

From reading articles like 'how to become inspired' to the '5 steps to becoming a better writer', etc, yeah I know I fit all the descriptions of a writer among other writers. We procrastinate. We're crazy. Most of us own a cat. We fuel on coffee. We have a love for vintage. And we look at things and recite something in our head how we could write about it. We have our own creative style. And I celebrate my differences, but the procrastination doesn't deserve the praise. Now what?!

I have more than enough shared my struggles. It's deep actually. We all have things we are not proud of. It was my time to open up. My time to share. My time to accept it. Now it is time to move on. 

Jesus, hold my hand and lead me.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Chapter

After a couple of weeks, I have accomplished some things on my to do list, but it always seems to grow longer after 2 or more things are marked off. I won't complain, although I am extremely grateful that my husband has finally nipped the sickness in the bud. After about 8-9 days, I am glad my house is germ free! And it is pretty clean to say the least.

Since 2015 has arrived I feel like this is the year for many things that I have been praying for to come to pass. The year for blessings, breakthroughs and victories! God has truly been speaking to me this last week and because of Him, I have things that need to be done. Honestly, the subject God had given me to study about was something I had to research and sure enough I felt like I was finally getting somewhere. Personally, taking steps is such an accomplishment. But since the new year has started, as bad as I hate to admit it, procrastination had really gotten the best of me. I have not touched my notebook and I have felt horrible, as if I have failed, although deep down I know I haven't. I know God is just waiting on me to make the next move so HE can use me. And it is time for that.

So this week, my notebook will take on a new story, that new interesting chapter to add. After 10 days into this year, my thought patterns will take on a new path, after all. It hasn't been easy for me considering it being my first book that I have been writing on. I am excited and anxious where this is going to take me, but I have to keep reminding myself of HIS word and HIS promise. God has shown me where to take my writing. And earlier today after researching and looking up scripture in the Bible for my next chapter, there is no doubt that the story I will share will touch someone's heart and inspire them. When someone reads the experiences (although I CANNOT share on here) I share in my first book, they will know they're not alone throughout the struggles and trials they may endure in a season of their life. Because God is there - always.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Scattered Yet Focused

Sitting here at the dining table drinking a cup of afternoon coffee with a 15 lb fuzzy tomcat in my lap, I'm drawn into the world of imagination and where my dreams will come true. I couldn't be more content with where I am, although there's a lot of room for improvement needed. After being through a lot of emotion in the last couple weeks since my last blog, it's time to dig deep. Into my thoughts and feelings. 

The holiday rush is over, families are back to normal schedule and I still yet need to put away the tree and decorations. Sunday evening after returning home I was frantically putting away the kitchen Christmas decor and soon enough became an emotional train wreck. Going from being the happy go lucky me to depressed, scared to wondering if  I will ever see anyone again, I was feeling guilty for even the thoughts in my mind. I have never done this, ever, not like this however. My husband was also watching me as I tried to hide my face, which never works.

After a brief but detailed conversation, I realize things in life may change over time but the ones in it may not. Christmas is a time of being with family and the ones you love, it is not about the presents, the label on your back or the size of your bank account. Developing friendships, putting a smile on someone's face, a hug, or a nice gesture is worth a lot more and goes a lot further. And enjoy every moment you can with those you love. If you want to spend time with someone, just ask, they may be waiting on you to make the first move. You truly never know when you will see them again. Although, I'm excited for a new year and new things to come, I'm going to do more than I say and make the most of it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fulfilling My Destiny

It has been 2 months since my last entry. And I have finally come to realize that I am destined to put this blog to good use. It may not be how I expected it to be, but it's rather fun on my part. I can spill the beatings of my heart and pour out all of my feelings on a qwerty keypad laptop. I still have a desire to write on paper the old fashioned way, but in today's society why not share it to the whole world? HA! :) 

Within 24 hours I have redesigned, rearranged and edited my page til the energy has simply been drained out of my system. No joke. I wanted it to look presentable and classy. I like it. However, in the middle of all the reconstruction of this blog, a poem came to mind. I wrote it years ago. Not bad for a 13 year old. And I figured this blog could use a little bit of color too.

Enjoy the imagination I had from over 20 years ago. (I am pretty positive I had my paper in the typewriter a little sideways, ha ha!)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Let go and let God

It is nearing the afternoon, house is quiet, husband is napping, politics bickering in the background on the t.v. and my feline is searching for something to get into. I'm preparing myself for some intense writing. I have a testimony that I shared in late 2012 at church and it's time to take a new approach at writing some things for my book. I struggle with it but I cannot let it get the best of me. Reflecting on what God has told me, is the main point that keeps me going. I have to constantly remind myself. Although I struggle getting started, sometimes it does not take long and my thought processes kicks in gear. 

And clearly I have decided to take on this new approach with blogging. I really enjoy doing it and plan to share a lot more with you. While writing my story and sharing my faith, inspiration, experiences and life lessons, I believe it will give me room for improvement and become beneficial for my writings. With all this said, I plan to share my testimony with you as well. Stay tuned. But right now it is time to take a nosedive and continue to let God write my story.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A new journey awaits...

A lot of things have changed in the last few months. Summer was fun this year. I enjoyed the time spent with my family and friends from church. There is nothing like the hot days of summer on the lake, drinking sweet tea on the front porch, having grill outs with family, lounging in the sun chair and gazing at the moon and stars at night. Those are the moments that I take in. Thinking about summertime (my favorite time of year), always takes me back to my childhood. I remember the early morning smell of the summer air and fresh cut grass, accumulating dirt stains on my clothes throughout the day, getting splinters in my hand from climbing up trees, playing in the creek, finding turtles, frogs, picking up those bright orange lizards, cuddling with the kittens, riding my bicycle all over the community and swinging in the tire swing. Hours later, my tummy would growl and then it was time for supper. I was your typical picky child. Hold the greens and pass me the chicken. 

As the years go by, summertime is more of a reflection period. It never leaves. Reminiscing of the good ole days, I am thinking to myself 'what was it that I have always wanted to do with myself and who did I want to become?' Even at an early age, I knew I wanted to inspire others in some sort of way. Time goes by, trying to search for my calling and purpose, I received such a humbling prophecy in church toward the end of summer. God used my pastor then informed me to pick up a pen and start writing because there are 3 books that will need written. I was overwhelmed yet relieved. After many months to years, a prayer has been answered. 

Earlier in the year while writing papers for Religion 101 in college, writing was more than just a work in itself but it was my God-given talent that I failed to grasp. Subconsciously, I even told my husband that I would like to write a book one day. Writing this 'book' just wasn't in my full awareness. If it had not been for the Lord, I would still be in the dark about my future. Today I am very thankful for the message I received from God and very excited to begin this journey and share it. And whatever form or fashion, I pray that it touches you and inspires you.

With all of this being said, I have become a little more aware of my surroundings, senses, desires, hopes, dreams and who I am in Christ. I have learned a lot of things within the last 6 weeks and still have more to go. The journey will be worth it. I'm ready, good or bad. This is just the beginning of what is to come.