Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Chapter

After a couple of weeks, I have accomplished some things on my to do list, but it always seems to grow longer after 2 or more things are marked off. I won't complain, although I am extremely grateful that my husband has finally nipped the sickness in the bud. After about 8-9 days, I am glad my house is germ free! And it is pretty clean to say the least.

Since 2015 has arrived I feel like this is the year for many things that I have been praying for to come to pass. The year for blessings, breakthroughs and victories! God has truly been speaking to me this last week and because of Him, I have things that need to be done. Honestly, the subject God had given me to study about was something I had to research and sure enough I felt like I was finally getting somewhere. Personally, taking steps is such an accomplishment. But since the new year has started, as bad as I hate to admit it, procrastination had really gotten the best of me. I have not touched my notebook and I have felt horrible, as if I have failed, although deep down I know I haven't. I know God is just waiting on me to make the next move so HE can use me. And it is time for that.

So this week, my notebook will take on a new story, that new interesting chapter to add. After 10 days into this year, my thought patterns will take on a new path, after all. It hasn't been easy for me considering it being my first book that I have been writing on. I am excited and anxious where this is going to take me, but I have to keep reminding myself of HIS word and HIS promise. God has shown me where to take my writing. And earlier today after researching and looking up scripture in the Bible for my next chapter, there is no doubt that the story I will share will touch someone's heart and inspire them. When someone reads the experiences (although I CANNOT share on here) I share in my first book, they will know they're not alone throughout the struggles and trials they may endure in a season of their life. Because God is there - always.