Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Scattered Yet Focused

Sitting here at the dining table drinking a cup of afternoon coffee with a 15 lb fuzzy tomcat in my lap, I'm drawn into the world of imagination and where my dreams will come true. I couldn't be more content with where I am, although there's a lot of room for improvement needed. After being through a lot of emotion in the last couple weeks since my last blog, it's time to dig deep. Into my thoughts and feelings. 

The holiday rush is over, families are back to normal schedule and I still yet need to put away the tree and decorations. Sunday evening after returning home I was frantically putting away the kitchen Christmas decor and soon enough became an emotional train wreck. Going from being the happy go lucky me to depressed, scared to wondering if  I will ever see anyone again, I was feeling guilty for even the thoughts in my mind. I have never done this, ever, not like this however. My husband was also watching me as I tried to hide my face, which never works.

After a brief but detailed conversation, I realize things in life may change over time but the ones in it may not. Christmas is a time of being with family and the ones you love, it is not about the presents, the label on your back or the size of your bank account. Developing friendships, putting a smile on someone's face, a hug, or a nice gesture is worth a lot more and goes a lot further. And enjoy every moment you can with those you love. If you want to spend time with someone, just ask, they may be waiting on you to make the first move. You truly never know when you will see them again. Although, I'm excited for a new year and new things to come, I'm going to do more than I say and make the most of it.