Monday, January 4, 2016

Prayer, Obedience & Blessings

I'm sure quite most of you have heard the saying, "I'm going to start out with a bang"! For me, unknowingly, that quote has most certainly been me since the the first day of this new year of 2016. 

Let me begin by saying that obedience unleashes blessings. How wonderful is that?! When someone is praying for something to happen in their lives whether it be a personal issue, a physical need, etc, God will undoubtedly answer those prayers in his timing.  If you're anything like me, sometimes God has to literally throw something up in your face for you to realize it is Him trying to reveal something to you. And sometimes obedience is necessary in regards to what God is trying to show you. If you need to act on it or say something then you go DO IT! Do not let it pass you by. Because by obeying the Lord and acting upon it, you may just be answering one's prayers! I have learned this and that is a lot to be thankful for!   

Several months ago during a sermon at church, others including myself were called by God for a calling in the church. I knew God had something for me. After God revealed to my pastor about people in the church having a calling within, we all stepped up. When you know, you just know. There's no hesitation because you just do what God wants you to do. After that I was excited but just scared. I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. I just knew I needed to pray about it and ask God to show me. But that became hard for me. My prayers were dwindling after a while about this. I was praying about everything else going on in my life and not focusing my prayers about what I needed to be praying about. 

And you see, that is how the enemy works. He takes your focus off what is most important even though you may have other things going on. He knows you will still pray but he will shift your mind into the dark in order for you to forget about it. He most certainly did that to me a little while. He even used the spirit of offense on me. The enemy was using my mind as a tool to make me think people didn't care about what I had to say so I remained silent for a time. He also made me think that people were against me and clearly, nobody has ever done anything to me. I was so wrapped up with thinking that I was NOT good enough to do what I should be doing, although I still didn't know what 'IT' was. I was weak, but God is strong. 

As hard as it is for me to share this, I was jealous and I'm not that kind of person. Many times I even had to remind myself that I wasn't because I have the Lord with me and it would always help me. I finally started realizing what the enemies schemes were at this point. I was ready for the day to find out what God's plans were for me and defeat the enemy.

January 1st, I was in deep conversation with a close friend and she said something to me that I just knew it was God. It made me realize what I am good at and that I could use my talents and creativity for HCT Church of God. A stirring was within me and I was becoming ecstatic and tears of joy fell! In that moment, the chains of that evil spirit broke lose and I overcame it! Currently in tears, I can't thank God enough for what He has done! He opened my eyes spiritually, I obeyed and poured out my heart by testifying and He answered my pastor's prayer! And I'm very happy to say that I am helping as a servant, the HCT Church of God's webpage! I will be getting started on it soon! But until then, click on the link to learn more and get information about our church!