Thursday, October 9, 2014

Let go and let God

It is nearing the afternoon, house is quiet, husband is napping, politics bickering in the background on the t.v. and my feline is searching for something to get into. I'm preparing myself for some intense writing. I have a testimony that I shared in late 2012 at church and it's time to take a new approach at writing some things for my book. I struggle with it but I cannot let it get the best of me. Reflecting on what God has told me, is the main point that keeps me going. I have to constantly remind myself. Although I struggle getting started, sometimes it does not take long and my thought processes kicks in gear. 

And clearly I have decided to take on this new approach with blogging. I really enjoy doing it and plan to share a lot more with you. While writing my story and sharing my faith, inspiration, experiences and life lessons, I believe it will give me room for improvement and become beneficial for my writings. With all this said, I plan to share my testimony with you as well. Stay tuned. But right now it is time to take a nosedive and continue to let God write my story.